Medical Tourism India

  1. Why should I travel to India?

For a country with the size and diversity of India, it is an ominous task to lend it a mere description. India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, has always been a well-known tourist destination and as a matter of fact is the one of most visited and sought after tourist destinations in the world. Owing to its scenic beauty, the grandeur of its architecture, cultural history, wonderful beaches and scrumptious cuisine, India has always struck a chord with one and all whilst being massively popular amongst tourists. Due to its strategic location, nestled in the South-Asian peninsula, and the wide array of cultures and the kaleidoscopic diversity of people, it makes for the perfect amalgamation of Eastern and Western cultures. Furthermore, in recent times, India has also become one of the most sought after places for medical value travel and the preferred choice for a wide range of medical procedures thus gaining prominence as one of the leading medical value travel destinations in the world today.

2  Why India for treatment?

India has come leaps and bounds from its heydays and now specializes in providing state-of-the-art medical technology and services and the infrastructure. The hospitals are now world class with excellent equipment and top-notch facilities. Traditionally, India had been receiving medical travelers from only a handful of countries but with its increased advances in finest facilities for medical and wellness services, it’s become a favored destination for medical value travel all across the globe. This can be illustrated with the help of this statistic:  Back in 2004, India played host to approximately 1,50,000 medical travelers. This number shot up to an incredible 33% by the year 2008 as the number of tourist’s seeking medical attention swelled to about 2,00,000. As per wide estimates, by the end of 2015, India had approximately half a million inbound medical travelers which goes to show how far medical value travel has come in India.

The reason for its popularity stems from the fact that its quality matches those of esteemed western hospitals and medical facilities at a fraction of their cost. Furthermore, most hospitals and clinics have certified doctors who are not only well versed in English but also are members of the organizations as per their respective specializations.

Another edge India provides is when it comes to cosmetic surgeries like dental treatments, scar treatments, breast augmentations, tummy tucks, facelifts etc which are not only not covered by insurance but are also extremely cost prohibitive abroad.  This works in favor of India as it’s vast pool of specialized doctors, dentists and surgeons offer top notch services at much affordable costs. India also offers unconventional treatments and rejuvenation options like Yoga, Naturopathy, and Ayurveda, which no other country has to offer thus adding further appeal.

Finally, with several JCI (Joint Commissions International) accredited healthcare providers, India is one of the leading countries in the world when it comes to accreditations. Additionally, many hospitals have JACHO (Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization) besides having affiliations with Western medical groups and facilities. The Indian government has also been very supportive in providing the necessary infrastructure and facilities to both public and the private medical sectors in India so as to maintain its world-class status, thus further adding to its lure and credibility.

3. Why should medical treatment be bundled with Tourism?

Besides the gamut of benefits medical value travel offers namely affordable health care, shorter waiting times, state-of-the-art infrastructure etc to name a few, there are other factors as well which drive people to opt for medical value travel. It’s safe to say, medical tourism is more often than not, as much about tourism as it’s about medicine. When you’re recuperating after undergoing cosmetic procedures or be it any other surgery, there’s no better place to recover than within scenic views of the beach from the confines of your resort or marveling at archaeological wonders to calm your senses; all this while being attended to by professional masseurs and physiotherapists.

Additionally, there’s no better time to discover a new country and its various locales for the accompanying family members as well. Go embark on that safari or indulge in that shopping spree, medical travel caters to one and all. Affiliated institutions make adequate arrangements and ensure all manner of getaways following an operation.

Moreover, those not opting to go for intrusive surgeries have all the more reason to be cheerful. Cosmetic procedures like dentistry can be very expensive in their home country so one has the option not only to undergo the procedure abroad but also club related activities like exams and other minor cosmetic surgeries together while having a nice and refreshing vacation which still work out to be much cheaper.

4 How can Vibcure help?

Every institution would try to market itself as the best in the country and might even try to mislead you with the information provided on their website concerning the treatment procedures or facilities. Seeking medical treatment in a new place can, therefore, be very daunting and confusing especially if you have never been to that place. At Vibcure, we understand the challenge in identifying the right doctor and the right hospital for your treatment, especially as someone living outside India.

India has increasingly become an emerging hub for highly qualified medical practitioners in the field of medicine. The country has been put on the global map because of its array of world-class doctors and surgeons and top-notch medical facilities. Vibcure is one of India’s leading medical value travel companies and we are absolutely committed to providing the best possible service so that you deal with only the very best in the business. We specialize in connecting you the best hospitals and renowned medical practitioners so you can sit back and relax.  We at Vibcure have affiliations and connections with highly skilled and qualified doctors in the field of medicine and also have partnerships with the most advanced and modern clinics and hospitals in India so that you’re assured of the highest levels of medical care. Besides this, India also has a less cumbersome medical tourism process than other countries, thus making it the preferred choice for those who want to seek medical treatment abroad sans all the hassles involved in the same.

At Vibcure, we follow the highest degree of standards and ethics when it comes to international patient care protocol. We take care of all travel and accommodation needs including flights, transfers, visas, hotels so that you don’t have to worry about anything else.  We also assist you in speedy recovery by introducing you to the best possible doctors and arranging for all possible necessary appointments. We at Vibcure believe your post-treatment is of utmost importance and make sure you’re at ease, nestled within the comforts of some of our exclusive handpicked luxury hotels for your recovery. Apart from catering to your medical needs, Vibcure also prioritizes your personal wellbeing by giving you a tour of the lovely historical places, beaches, museums, all across India so that you feel rejuvenated after the treatment. With so many advantages provided by Vibcure, we have a clear edge over other tour operators or for that matter even hospitals or clinics. No wonder we are chosen as the preferred Health Care Facilitator and Medical Tour Operator in India by many foreign patients.

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