Second Opinion-What, how and why?

Second opinion is when people (patients or their relatives, friends), seek advice and counselling from a doctor or medical specialist other than the one he/ she is currently in consultation with to get another point of view. While the term ‘second opinion’ maybe new but it has been in practice for very long. It helps the seeker feel more comfortable and empowered to make the decisions about their healthcare treatment. The consulting physician may confirm your diagnosis or treatment or recommend an alternative diagnosis or treatment plan.

When should I go for the second opinion?

There is no defined situation when the patient should go for second opinion. As a practice, one should always resort for a second opinion in case of any doubts about the diagnosis, recommended treatment plan or if one wants to compare the outcome of the treatment plan offered by the treating doctor.

What situations/ disease demand a second opinion?

Generally, patients seek second opinion when

  • Treatment options are risky, costly or complicated
  • Where the patient has been recommended a major surgery or diagnosed with a life threatening condition
  • Doctor is uncertain about patient’s condition or treatment
  • When patient is not sure about the treatment options given by your doctor

What is required of me when I opt for availing the second opinion services?

In order to provide the patient with a second opinion, following will be required by the doctor/ medical specialist:

  • Current diagnosis i.e. treating doctor’s prescriptions, MRI Scan, ultrasound reports, any other diagnostic tests, medication, list of medicines
  • Details of medical treatment taken in the past
  • Brief history of the patient including allergies
  • Any other information which may be necessary

Will I know which doctor will provide the second opinion? How will the second opinion be provided?

Yes, on submission of your request, our care team will get in touch with you with the best available specialists for your treatment. Once you chose and finalize the specialist, you will receive a PDF format opinion via email.

Should I share my second opinion with my current doctor?

It is recommended to share the second opinion with your treating doctor. Doctor will be happy to learn that you have taken active part in your health concerns and would be willing to review their peer’s opinion on the case

Can I request for a consultation for my friend or a family member?

Yes. In fact, friends or family members requesting for a second opinion is often the case. You will have to share with us all the medical records including doctor’s prescription, tests, all available reports.

For any support on second opinion services, please feel free to write to us with your details at or call us at +91 9205 1157 68

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